Creating Nanomaterials for Energy and Beyond

With inventive and ground-breaking science, Nanoswitch is producing nanomaterials to make your life better. Utilizing nanotechnology researched and developed in Texas, humanity is stepping into the future. Nanotechnology holds infinite promise with everything from electrical energy to data communications through the development of nanostructures that save time, improve safety, and allow more flexibility for the technology we already have.

Nanotechnology uses atoms and atomic materials, known as nanomaterial, to create new structures. At Nanoswitch, Inc., we transform biomass into nanostructures for a variety of uses through the manipulation of matter on the molecular scale. We can help with cost reduction and provide technology transfer. Our specialists have created a variety of materials, including Graphene & Derivatives.

Uses of Nanotechnology:

With a wide variety of applications, nanotechnology serves a multitude of purposes in a number of industries. Everything around the world that people see has the potential to involve the use of nanomaterials in some way, from strange energy to life support systems. It is useable by universities and institutions invested in the research of nanotechnology and nanostructures. Furthermore, it is great for chemists, physicists, and for educational purposes.

Some of the other industries and uses where it may be implemented include consternations, as well as:

  • Medical and Biomedical
  • Nanodevices
  • Sensor Technology
  • Soldier Technologies
  • Energy Generation & Storage
  • Life Support Systems
  • Data Communications
  • Automobile
  • Structure Materials
  • Space Technology

The Growth Of Nanotechnology

The technology professionals at Nanoswitch understand the growth potential for the field of nanotechnology. We are leveraging a few initiatives to expand our reach in the area of nanotechnology such as:

We are currently attending a variety of conferences to educate people about what we can do and our products.

You may also partner with us in the advancement of Nanotechnology through technology transfer.

Additionally, we are looking for opportunities to collaborate with others and are actively accepting applications for assistance and advisors.

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