Medical and Biomedical

From cancer treatments, to ​antimicrobial applications and many others, there are vast possibilities for nanotechnology in medicine.

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Sensors & Data Communications

Graphene’s large surface-to-volume ratio, unique optical properties and many other attributes can be greatly beneficial for sensor functions.

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Structural Materials

Nanotechnology particularly Graphene presents great promise in creating the building materials of the future.

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Nanotechnology can help the automotive industry in facing its many challenges such as CO2 emissions reduction, safety and energy-efficiency.

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Energy Generation & Storage

From supercapacitors to Li-ion batteries, the role of Nanotechnology in energy storage continues to evolve.

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Space Technology

Graphene has a lot of opportunities including space applications, Nanotechnology will create next generation space technologies for the world.

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Nanotechnology is helping to facilitate the next generation of technology.

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